It’s almost 2012

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Less than hour left to year 2012 in Singapore. Don’t really have a resolution here but if I really need to have one, it’s probably to get through National Service (NS) peacefully. Now that I looked back, I have already served over 1/4 of my NS, which is nearly 7 months. It’s still a long and tiring journey ahead though…

Looking back, many things had happened.. obviously. Like meeting all kinds of people in NS and I mean it, a lot of different ones. Even online, except with people that shares similar interests and stuffs. Speaking of interests, I should really go back and catch up some of the anime. Been missing out a lot on them, probably 2 or 3 seasons? Maybe few months down the road, after I’ve settle down with my new work shift in NS, I shall find time for that.

In any case, enjoy the weekends and Happy 2012 all.

Size of PSVita Game Cartridge

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I’ve seen many people blogged about this but I’m still gonna do a comparison post. The game I’ve got here is a copy of LORD of APOCALYPSE R3.

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Good Smile Company – Yuri 1/8 PVC

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Some shots of Yuri from Angel Beats I’ve taken some days ago.
This figure was released last April.

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Vita for Xmas

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Merry Christmas, everyone. :)

So the Hong Kong PSVita just arrived in time at Funz Centre AMK Hub for Christmas and there were already quite a good amount of people picking up their sets. I got the “Uncharted Golden Abyss” bundle which is about SGD$500+. It’s the Wi-Fi version so no 3G, comes with a 4GB Vita memory stick.

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Revised Blog Posts “December 2011”

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I’ve decided to do some revisions to some of my older posts so here they are. They may not be good reads but I think they’re better than before.

The re-edited posts that I did recently will be listed below.

Game Loots (August 2010)
DJ MAX Portable 3 Limited Edition
Tales of Graces F Arrived

Hyperdimension Neptunia
Megahouse – Aoi Minamo 1/8 PVC
The End of Ar tonelico Trilogy
Black Rock Shooter: The Game “White Premium Box”
Ao no Kiseki

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