Game Loots (August 2010)

Ys Seven Premium Edition

Great purchase, XSeed took to time to put several goodies into this one shiny box.

Only complaint I have is the soundtrack CD. Tracklist wasn’t included and the disc case doesn’t even have a proper backcover…

XSeed also took the time to include a 60 pages artbook featuring official artworks, not just from Ys SEVEN alone but also other Ys games such as “Ys: Oath in Felghana” and “Ys: I&II Chronicles”.

And finally the cloth map of Ys SEVEN. It’s definitely bigger than it looks.

Sengoku Basara 3
Having played the past few Basara games on the PS2, this one is a must for me. I had mixed feeling at first about the character roster having half the cast not playable though the new characters did make up for it. This game also lack quite a few modes such as tournament and offline versus. Luckily, the music and all the new stages does make the purchase worth well.

Another Century’s Episode: R
Frankly speaking, I’m quite disappointed with the game. It plays very differently as compared to ACE 3. Although some mechas are quite fun to use, I find quite a number of the remaining to be very clunky. Not to mention, this game had some glitches and some of them can be pretty game breaking.


2 thoughts on “Game Loots (August 2010)

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