AFAX – 13/11/2010

AFAX, is also known as Anime Festival Asia 2010. Having went to this last year so I knew this is another convention I’m not gonna missed. This time round, I went to bought the tickets with a friend and my brother at 8am and queuing for them took us 2 hours. We went home after that since it’s still too early.

At about 4pm, we went back to AFAX together with my family, my friend and my bro’s girlfriend. Most booths still stay the same as last year’s AFA. Booths that sell figures, clothes, gunplas, merchandises and even swords. The good thing is, there are more stuffs that are on display for photo taking.

Gaming also took a bigger role into Anime Festival Asia. There’s Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue Continuum Shift competitions and there’s also an area to try out the new Project DIVA Arcade. It’s an arcade game based on the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva on PSP.

Also, you can’t forget the cosplayers. Some are hilarious and some were pretty good. I’ve also noticed more and more foreigners are taking part in this festival. :)

I have uploaded a few photos onto my Picasa web albums but majority of them went to my Facebook account.


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