Tales of Graces F Arrived

Game finally reached Funz Centre yesterday after a week of delay, but it’s only for those who pre-ordered it first.

There’s a reverse cover, which I think it’s nicer because I prefer yellow but both boxarts are great anyway.

It’s the first print edition which includes the Dramatic DVD and a DLC code for Asbel (Kyle), Sophie (Rutee) and Richard (Judas) outfits.

Well, since I feel like writing more, here’s some input of Graces F gameplay based on my experience and understanding.

About the Battle System
Tales of Graces F plays rather differently when compared to some of the previous Tales of series. First of all, there are no normal attacks in game. Every attacks are called Artes. Pressing the “Circle” button continuously with various directions to execute a string of “A” Artes and pressing the “Cross” button allows you to do “B” Artes like what how you execute artes in all the previous Tales series. And this is what Namco called, the “Style-Shift Linear Motion Battle System”. I also like to point out that this game use CC instead of TP. You will never run out of CC in battles but it takes time to recover and everything you do during battle will cause CC to deplete, even free run.

Titles and Title Bonus
Characters in this game learn their artes and skills differently. They learn everything from Titles. Each characters have over 100 titles. Titles in Graces F have 5 levels and a mastered level. Each level lets your character learn something such as additional stats bonus, learn new artes, enhancing learned artes and other battle bonus. Everything you learn will be applied directly to your characters without the need of equipping back those titles. Also note that while every titles have an their own additional bonus effect for equipping it, mastering a title will only upgrade the equip-only effect. You can get titles is many ways for example, your arte usages hit a certain amount of times, cooking, sidequests and several other methods. You can only level up your titles by gaining SP through fighting or by completing inn requests.


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