License2Play – 28/05/2011

Today is the second day of License2Play 2011. Nothing much besides being more crowded and having a CosGames competition going around. Contestants are probably only allow to cosplay video game characters and nothing else.

I didn’t bother watching through the entire event and only seen the eastern games competition since I didn’t care about the western character cosplays.

So I voted for the girl on the right. She said she is some secret character from Soul Caliber but I don’t know who.

And some loots I’ve gotten today; Tales of Graces F V.S. trial deck, Bakemonogatari W.S. trial deck and my first nendoroid, it’s a Black Rock Shooter.

BRS Nendoroid

Leftover photos will go to my Picasa web albums. Tomorrow will be the last day for License2Play event but I doubt I’ll be going again.

Liscence2Play 2011 Photo Archive @ Picasa Web Albums


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