Will Be Back Soon

Tomorrow morning I will be enlisted into the National Service, police force for 2 years. I won’t be around for the first 2 weeks or so since I will be stuck in camp. The first 2 weeks are also known as confinement weeks, after that I get to go back home every weekends.

For the first 2 months of my national service, I’m given 8 weeks of physical training phrase (PTP) so hopefully I can survive the tough training and boredom even before moving on to the next phrase. :/

And today, being the last day, seems to be pretty usual to me, doesn’t even feel nervous. Ended up playing some PS3, surfing internet and writing this. I also took the time to include a “read more” tag on all my previous posts so the blog looks slightly neater. In any case, when I’m back, I hope I have something to blog about.


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