Record of Agarest War ZERO Limited Edition

I feel like writing this before I sleep. I’m really tired thanks to the trainings and lack of sleep but whatever. Record of Agarest War ZERO limited edition copy is a PS3 game bought by my brother when I’m still in confinement for NS. It’s localized by Aksys but this time with a hard copy. I went for the European version of Record of Agarest War because Aksys only released digital copies for that game.

The limited edition comes with extra stuffs, such as a soundtrack CD, 2 sets of playing cards and a 48 pages character data guide.

The soundtrack CD.

A case for keeping the 2 packets of cards safe.

Poker cards, yet only a portion of the cards were given special treatment.

And the other set is actually some sort of skill cards I don’t really know since I didn’t play the game yet and I doubt I have the time to start it.

Lastly, the book with some character bios and artworks.

I’m not sure if I will ever start this game because it’s similar to the first one and I didn’t really like the gameplay. Time is also another issue I’m facing now since I’m just starting with my national service…


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