Play-Asia Package “25th June 2011”

Stuffs from Play-Asia came before I book out on Friday evening. A music CD by EXIT TUNES and 2 DS games, Tales of Hearts and Shining Force Feather.

Vocaloanthems (feat.Hatsune Miku) Limited Edition

Vocaloanthems (feat.Hatsune Miku) Tracklist

CD came with a strap and a card similar to a credit card but it’s useless though.

And then we have Tales of Hearts but it’s the CG movie edition. I grab it because it’s dirt cheap in Play-Asia, roughly SGD$30 when I paid for it. I really hate the CGs in this because it doesn’t suit the series.

And lastly it’s Shining Force Feather. The opening scene is really nice but youtube doesn’t have it… or shall I say I didn’t find it. :/

Meh.. they even took the time to include a Weiss Schwarz PR card in the game case yet there’s not even a trial deck for Shining Force Feather.


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