Kotobukiya – Kaguya 1/8 PVC

Sometimes I really hate my luck. Yesterday, I got this for S$98.90 at Ani-Play and today, La Tendo is selling it for S$96 when I dropped by there…

Kaguya is from the game “Shining Hearts”, a game I have yet to play. This is my 2nd “Shining” series figure though and I have to say I did enjoy Tony Taka’s character designs. I have only played Shining Force Neo, EXA and Feather and those were amazing as well.
Continuing with the rest of the photos…

Some back shots.

And the green dress can be castoff. Handle with care though since the dress might accidentally stain some green marks onto the body.

Anyway, peace out and night. Have to be back in camp tomorrow evening…


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