PSN ¥3000 Card

Initially, I was planning to get Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos for PSP at Funz Centre but who would have thought the game have yet to arrived. Hopefully, I’ll able to get it by next weekend.

In order not to make my trip down to Funz Centre a pointless travel, I got myself my first Japanese PSN card and a Clalaclan figure. The card contains only ¥3000 yet it cost me SGD$65.

My first DLC off the Japan PSN store is the Hatsune Miku costume for Sophie from Tales of Graces F. It cost ¥400 but it’s really worth it even if I had already done everything in the game. Seeing Sophie’s additional victory poses mimicking Miku is a plus. :)

I also bought the DLCs for “Mamoru-kun has been Cursed! ~Netherworld Widescreen~” and those add-on stages are ridiculously hard… Finally, the remaining ¥ will be saved for future uses.


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