Shining Hearts

Thank god my 2nd national service payday was yesterday because I’ve been wanting to buy Shining Hearts on PSP but I never did until today.

Popped in the UMD and I was treated with an awesome opening video with vocals sang by Lia.

Moving on is the gameplay of Shining Hearts. It’s quite different when compared to the other Shining series in the past since the battle system in this is turn-based and there are other stuffs that you can do such as materials gathering and fishing. It remind me of Harvest Moon in some ways…

Shining Hearts also revolves around a system called “Mental Over Emotion System” (M.O.E.S) where you gather different color hearts (feelings) in various ways such as making choices in conversations and these hearts then be use in battles to execute skills and such… it’s kinda weird though.. So far, I’m not sure whether the gathered hearts have any other uses apart from battles from what I’ve seen.

While the visual arts in this are great, I still find Shining Force Feather to be more enjoyable…


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