DJ Max Portable HotTunes Limited Edition

Had it since last May. I thought I’ll go into more details of what is given in the game package since I didn’t went through it the last time. DJ Max Portable HotTunes is more like a Korean release of DJ Max Portable Fever, but with glitches fixed.

Stuffs included in the package
– Game UMD x1
– HotTunes Golden Soundtrack CD x2
– HotTunes Golden Soundtrack Pocket CD x1
– Lyrics Sheet x2
– Record Book x1
– Poster x8
– Wooden Case x1

A closer look to the case. The wood is really sturdy.

Open up the wooden box and you will see the UMD game case, a UMD slot and the several soundtracks.
If you had already played DJ Max Portable 1, 2 or Fever, then you will not find anything new here aside from the arranged tracks found in the pocket CD.

A book can be found underneath the CDs, it’s a book used to record your songs progress. But do people actually do it?

Next are several artwork posters found underneath the book, again, the artworks are nothing new if you had already played the first few DJ Max Portables so I didn’t bother opening them.

Lastly, at the bottom of the box are 2 giant sheets of song lyrics.

Limited Edition is still available on


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