PS3 Slim GET

Well, my 4 years old 40GB Phat PS3 started showing signs of system failure so I decided to move on to a new PS3 before it dies out. Having PSN+ makes backing up gamesaves easy.

We got a 160GB black PS3 slim model but I really wish my local store have white PS3 Slim in stocks since I didn’t like black that much. I took my 320GB harddisk which I replaced in my 40GB PS3 model to the store to have the guy change it with the 160GB harddisk that was originally in the system…

Anyway, getting a new PS3 also means my next payday is as good as no payday because our national service pay is pathetic.

I’m currently backing up my saves from PSN+ and re-downloading stuffs from PSN store before booking in back to camp… At least I don’t have to worry about my PS3 now since Tales of Xillia is coming soon.


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