Black Rock Shooter: The Game “White Premium Box”

My bro had this preordered for awhile and it finally hit home today. :)

Stuffs included in the package
– Game UMD x1
– White Rock Shooter Figma x1
– BRS: The Game Illustration Book x1
– BRS: The Game Soundtrack CD x1

It’s seems like buying just the UMD (First printed copies) edition alone will net you a mini White Rock Shooter charm figure that isn’t given in this edition.

From what I’ve seen when my brother is playing, game seems great so far. It used real-time battle system with some 3rd person shooter elements in it. Analog nub and directional buttons are used to control the cross hair and Triangle, Square, O, X buttons are used to do various actions such as dodging, blocking and attacking. Holding down the R button will open up the skill menu that can be customize later on.

The story is break down into missions (stages), the intermission between each stages kinda reminds me of Super Robot Wars…

BRS:The Game Art Works Illustration and soundtrack.

The Art Works Illustration book only had a few pages, mostly on character designs.

And White Rock Shooter figma, still sealed though. Never like opening figures from game packages.

Our game was bought from a local store for SGD$200++.
It seems like Play-Asia still have some of this in stock as well.


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