A Walk around Books Kinokuniya Singapore

Came back from Orchard Road now long ago. Went to Books Kinokuniya Singapore that was located at Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Had a squad mate talking about the store having artbooks for various anime and video games so I decided to take a look around today.

Soejima Shigenori Artworks for Persona 3 spotted.

There is a lot more to the store but I prefer taking my time checking out the books over there rather then taking shots everywhere.


3 thoughts on “A Walk around Books Kinokuniya Singapore

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    • Artbooks are probably just slightly cheaper if you included shipping costs.

      While I do not know the standard prices for the Japanese novels or mangas (I never bought one before…), the English translated mangas they had over there are overpriced by a few SGD dollars.

      And I actually like how I can pay $1 to have the costumer service make plastic covers for each book you bought there regardless of the size and all.

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