ZIG Run Up The Ranking

Recently got hold of a JRPG called “Last Ranker”. When I first heard about the game, what surprises me first was the company who made the game. It’s Capcom, sounds very unbelievable. How long have I last seen Capcom makes any memorable JPRGs?

Breath of Fire? pretty much dead.

Nowadays, whenever I heard the word “Capcom”, first thing that comes to mind is probably Street Fighter IV or Monster Hunter… For me these getting old and repetitive.

In Last Ranker, you play as the guy named Zig and you are supposed to slowly make your way up to rank 1 by battling people. You begins at Rank 95000, and that’s probably where the game’s name come from. Also it’s hard to explain how the battle system works out but it’s still similar to your everyday RPGs…

If you have yet to try out this game, maybe you should. The character designs were done by the same guy who did Breath of Fire series and the soundtrack was composed by Yoko Shimomura.

… Now will we ever see this game in English is a different story though.


2 thoughts on “ZIG Run Up The Ranking

  1. I played the game and did find it a bit disappointing. The story progresses quite slowly for my liking and you tend to repeat. Battle > rank up > mission > battle and sort of lacks a steadily flowing story. I’m at rank 87 or something, coming from 9 (999) 9 (99), u get the story=| The game system reminds me of ff13 with their paradigm shift

    I don’t think it would be worth a port^^” in my opinion.

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