Xillia Kyun Character Pack

I finally gotten the Xillia Kyun Character Pack. Took awhile since I pre-ordered it from local store, makes me wonder what kind of shipment they used.

Take a look at Lalabit’s Kyun Character Pack.

Stuffs included in the package
– Game Disc x1
– Art card x13
– Kyun Chara Milla x1
– Kyun Chara Jude x1

The 13 pieces of double-sided art cards, one side being printed the CG pictures with calender and other side with pictures taken from animated scenes.

Kyun Chara Jude and Milla, still unopened.

And for the game, here’s some differences between the two regions.
Apparently, aside from the icon at the front of the cover, R2 copies have game releases timeline printed on it’s alternate side of the cover.

Both first print copies come with the DLC code for the costumes but for Asian PSN store (R3), as far as I can tell, still haven’t update anything for Tales of Xillia yet…


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