Ao no Kiseki

I decided to settle with just the Ao no Kiseki normal edition itself though the game still comes with a first print bonus CD.

It’s is heavily suggest that this game is to be played after beating Zero no Kiseki (…which I didn’t) as this is a direct sequel to that game, obviously. Nevertheless, I did give the game a first few hours run just to be impressed.

Ao no Kiseki Soundtrack mini is a really short OST, only consisting of 5 tracks. The 3rd track “Conflicting Passion” on the disc is one of the battle themes and it’s one addicting music.

The character artworks on the CD cover are really impressive as well. These characters are drawn by Katsumi Enami, same guy who did Ys SEVEN and Star Ocean: The Last Hope character artworks.

Rixia Mao is probably my favorite character in the game now. The character design is great and she reminds me of Tia from Ys SEVEN.


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