Game Loots (October 2011)

Ao no Kiseki aside, these are the remaining games I’ve bought over the month.

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny

This is actually my first Rune Factory game so I can’t really compared it to the rest of the series but for now, I had to put in on-hold because the gameplay gets repetitive after awhile.

Busou Shinki: Battle Master MK.2

I like to think Busou Shinki: Battle Master MK.2 as an expansion from the first Battle Master game. Save from Battle Master can be transfer over with everything intact. This game has additional contents such as more Shinkis and Rail Actions. The story also continues from where Battle Master has ended. Loading time isn’t that great even with Data Install. Lastly, there’s a Arnval card included in the game instruction booklet which contains a DLC code for the Black Wings.

Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals

Bought this today. While Square Enix remade Lufia II into some futuristic action RPG with plenty of changes, I still think it’s a game worth playing. The new character designs were cool enough and Tia is easily one of my favorite character, both gameplay and design wise.

Tales of Innocence

I got this used when I was buying Lufia DS. I had problem finding this for ages so why not…

Final Fantasy Tactics A2

Bought this for SGD$25. Somehow, it’s finally begin restocked at various Comics Connection outlets and it’s roughly 20 dollars cheaper.


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