Enter 3DS

After the most recent price drop of 3DS, I decided it’s time for me to pick up one up. I had one of my local store do the importing for me weeks ago since I was planning to get a Japanese 3DS (blame region locking) from the start.

The guy from the store got it rather fast and I had to tell him to put in on reserved first until just recently. I feel bad though because his boss was rushing him to sell it so I finally went ahead and get it… This Japanese 3DS cost me SGD$299.

I didn’t bought any 3DS games as of now but luckily for me, DS games are playable on 3DS and it’s region free, thank god.

If there’s anything I hate about the system then it’s probably just the power on/off button. It’s mapped onto the same location as the start and select buttons that were on NDS Lite. :/


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