Weiβ Schwarz Portable “Boost Schwarz” Climax Box

Weiβ Schwarz Portable may lack various series but those who still decide to pick it up will not be disappointed. The climax cards have fancy animations and they are fully voiced. The game also has it’s own visual novel story.

The Climax Box comes with an additional extra PSP game.

A special mini guide booklet. Preview of video game series that exist in Weiss Schwarz Portable are shown in the book.

Crazy enough, there’s Tales of the Abyss and God Eater Burst from Namco Bandai. Two of my favorite titles.

Based on the Weiβ or Schwarz edition bought, the PR cards and mats given are different. Boost Schwarz focus on Idolm@ster, Fate/stay night, Macross Frontier and lastly Milky Holmes series. A set of card sleeves was also given with the game. Not too sure if the sleeve design given is random.

They give you mats but I wish they were made out of other materials instead of paper. 4 in total.

And that’s all, time for some Gundam Extreme Vs. on PS3.


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