My Last March

So it’s been 6 months since I got enlisted into Police National Service. Yesterday, 9th December was my passing out parade (POP) or graduation parade which represents the completion of my basic police training course. A lot of stuffs happened in the academy and I get to know many people, mostly my squad-mates and all.

Just right before the parade starts, they were signs of dark clouds gathering and the parade was on-hold for awhile. It was almost cancelled and convert to graduation ceremony but the parade ended up starting anyway. Just as all the squads are marching out, there was a sudden rain for few minutes. I’m rather surprised they still decided to carry on with the parade. You could say the rain is a blessing in disguise as we had to stand there for quite awhile, waiting for guests of honor, award ceremony etc. so the rain kinda help a little out there. The entire process took about an hour…

Finally, now that I’m no longer a trainee, no longer do I need to stay-in in the academy’s bunk every weekdays. As of now, there’s a week of rest for me before I start the next part of my National Service life in division.


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