Vita for Xmas

Merry Christmas, everyone. :)

So the Hong Kong PSVita just arrived in time at Funz Centre AMK Hub for Christmas and there were already quite a good amount of people picking up their sets. I got the “Uncharted Golden Abyss” bundle which is about SGD$500+. It’s the Wi-Fi version so no 3G, comes with a 4GB Vita memory stick.

The PSVita is slightly bigger than PSP and the screen interface solely relies on touch screen. There’s dual analogs to add.

There’s also has a rear touch pad, which can be try out by playing this “Welcome Park” App that was already installed in PSVita. In fact, it’s a tutorial for the system filled with mini-games that use all the features on the system.

Uncharted Golden Abyss and other Vita games.

Charging the Vita at the moment, first charge up is always the longest.


4 thoughts on “Vita for Xmas

      • Vita
        @@ I’m envious.

        *Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are widely used by today’s electronics, they do not need to be charge for 7-8 hours before using them. In fact they hate to be overcharged, thus either the charger or the device has a mechanism to stop the current when the battery is fully charged, even if you leave the socket on.

        Unless you’re using the old Nickel Cadmium (Ni-CD) batteries.

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