Start of 2012, Room Clean Up

Since it’s a new year and Chinese New Year is around the corner, some room sorting and spring cleaning wouldn’t hurt, I guess.

With a new Detolf from IKEA, I can now free up space from my bookshelf and cabinet. I do not have that many PVC figures so I ended up just cramping most of them into it. :)

You can tell that the figures were used to be placed on the top layer of the shelf.

Bottom of the shelf is still messy, I’m just gonna make it free of dust for now.

Cabinet I used for video games. Top layer was also used to put figures and also everywhere in the cabinet as long as there’s space, but now it’s back to normal.

Also took the time to arrange the drawer for putting Weiβ Schwarz cards and stuffs. Was one of the most messed up corner ever.

Finally, dust cleaning of stacked boxes, floor sweeping .etc


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