Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave

So I was on medical leave for today and surprisingly, Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave arrived while I was having a noon nap…

This game took a different approach, gameplay feels like a Musou game and after spending some time into the game, I have already cleared 3 of the serious scenarios. Each one had 5 stages but most of them were very easy even on normal difficulty.

Most of the artes I’ve seen so far looks great actually, but Namco actually took out plenty of the artes out of the characters. Everyone ended up with 7 different artes (1 of them being aerial executable only) and one hi-ougi which works like a Musou attack except you have to go into Overlimit first.

Other than that, I also felt that the style used for the character models during cutscenes were different, not that it’s bad or anything.


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