3DS Rhythm Games GET

Kinda lucky I dropped by Funz Centre just now since they bought in lots of new games today, mostly Japanese releases from last month though. Games like “Nendoroid Generation” to “Dream Club Zero Portable” & “Shining Blade” which was released recently.

Really, if you play games and live in Singapore, check out that shop.

I went with “Theatrhythm Final Fantasy” and “Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai”, which are rhythm games for 3DS.
It’s a good thing though since I only have one game on that platform until now.

Limited edition, you don’t say?

Various goodies.

Plenty of AR cards for the AR mode in-game.


3 thoughts on “3DS Rhythm Games GET

  1. Don’t tell me your only game before this was Senran Kagura ;)

    You bought the limited edition. I read not many people were happy with the quality of the figure. Is yours okay?

    And how are you enjoying the game so far?

    • Yeah, Senran Kagura was the first and only game until these came.

      The petite figure was actually kinda bad, I opened it some days after this post was made. There were some marks or something around figure.

      I unlocked all songs, but no motivation to do every difficulties. I wish there were more songs though. Especially some of the old ones like Melt etc.

      • Haha, we have the same games and purchase orders lol (at least up to Project mirai, not getting Theatrhythm yet) (man that word is actually a bitch to spell… -.-“)

        So that’s really the general concensus lol ^^;

        Yeah I wanted more songs too. For the sequel though I don’t mind they have about the same number of songs as long as they don’t recycle much from the first game (maybe 1 or 2 are fine, but not more)

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