China Square Central’s Sunday Flea Market

So I went to China Square Central (CSC) with my family and a couple of friends today. It’s a mall located in Chinatown that with plenty of figures and toy shops. I didn’t know they held an indoor flea market in the mall on every Sunday until today. Usually, during weekdays, this place is pretty quiet.

“Toy n Toys” is one of shops that I like visiting in CSC because of the showroom and all.

And some photos of some other shops around the area. Not all of them have Japanese PVC figures but almost all have some nendoroids for sale.

Vendors that are trying to sell their stuffs outside the stores. I heard renting a space is pretty cheap, but it’s only available on Sunday.

The Sunday flea market is a good time to get some figures and stuffs for really good deal but beware though, I’ve seen some vendors selling bootleg nendoroids.


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