All Ragnarok Odyssey Chapters Cleared

With the 1st Expansion patch released weeks ago, the PS Vita can now take screenshots in Ragnarok Odyssey. The patch also comes with an actual online mode, believe me, it’s great.

So after having the Ragnarok Odyssey for 2 months since it’s release, I’ve finally beaten all chapters. Yes, I still attempted all the quests solo even when online mode was released.

The quests in the final chapter is really brutal, but still manageable after several tries. there’s 88 quests in total, 10 in each chapters, except for chapter 9, with only 8.

Now it’s the time for me to enjoy online mode while waiting for the 2nd Expansion patch. It’s has re-balance update for all the classes, a new map and some new bosses from what I seen from the official site.


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