Asia Cosplay Meet Thailand

Went to Funan Digital Life today after work for “Asia Cosplay Meet Thailand” event. I reached there rather late, probably around 4pm. Saw a few friends already there and I went around to take some photos of cosplayers.

At 5pm, guest cosplayer from Thailand, Yuegene Fay starts her signature session.

I don’t really know much about her, but she seems popular among cosplayers. The whole thing end up becoming a photo session.

While I hardly take anything, most of my shots ended up rather bad today, maybe I’m tired from work.

And well, the girl who cosplayed the NPC “Event Planner Irine” from MMORPG “Dragon Nest” booth ended up getting a lot of attention as the rest of the cosplayers.

Was surprised to see a Bayonetta cosplay.

More photos here. Won’t be going this tomorrow as I have work, sadly.

Incidentally, Anime Festival Malaysia is on this weekend as well, and due to my national service, I’m stuck here. Hopefully, my younger brother who went there can get some good shots and souvenirs.


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