Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland

My Atelier Meruru limited edition finally reached SingPost yesterday. It was shipped out from NISA online store around 2 weeks ago.

Went to collect it this afternoon. The LE box looks pretty.

The Limited Edition comes with the game, a character archive booklet, a “Barrel!” shirt and a soundtrack CD containing a portion of the tracks used in game.

The cover of the soundtrack CD used the same artwork as the Japanese original soundtrack.

The character archive booklet is pretty disappointing. It’s quite small, smaller than the game and hardly contains anything. It’s just some arts, sketches and a short bios for the characters, nothing you can’t find in the Premium Artbook for the Arland trilogy, which I recommend.

Lastly, the ‘L’ size shirt with a barrel on it. Doesn’t look too shabby, but can be better.


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