Phat! Company – Totori 1/8 PVC

Totori (Totooria Helmold) PVC figure from Totori no Atelier ~Arland no Renkinjutsushi 2~ by Phat! Company. Released in June 2012.

Never bought a Phat figure before, but ended up getting this Totori since it’s an Atelier character and moreover, designed by Mel Kishida.

Many people bought up comments about Totori’s face. I find it decent, although a more cheerful expression would’ve been better.

The best thing about this figure is probably the detailed base filling with alchemy stuffs like flasks etc.

BARREL. Good to find one here since it’s a staple to the series.

Decent face aside, I didn’t regret buying this figure (as a whole, it looks pretty good) and hope to see a grown-up Totori PVC figure in the future as I much more prefer her outfit in the last game of the Arland series.


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