Growlanser Art Works

Bought this artbook along with .hack//Versus OST from CDJapan and received it yesterday. Was glad to get the OST yesterday as it was exactly on the release date itself.

Now back to the book, Growlanser Art Works, is an artbook released back in 2010. The artist for the Growlanser series is Satoshi Urushihara and to my knowledge, this series is not that well known outside of Japan.

However, those who did played some of the previous games that were bought over might want to dig this artbook. It also included new character arts and updated artworks for the PSP ports of both Growlanser I & IV.

Growlanser II & III only had a small portion of pages in the book.

In my opinion, Growlanser V character designs were rather bland compared to some of the previous ones and VI is my favorite.

Lastly, glad to see that Atlus is releasing the PSP port of Growlanser IV in July 2012, which is coming soon.


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