Record of Agarest War 2

Picked up Record of Agarest War 2 at Funz Centre today.

Won’t be starting this as I have yet to beat Record of Agarest War ZERO. However, I do look forward to play this as the gameplay reminds me of Cross Edge. Yes, it was slow, yet the complicated setup and stuffs makes it really fun.

The goodies for Agarest War 2 look rather pale as compared to the ones Agarest ZERO had.

The hand towel & magazine-like artbook were ok. I actually read the book, it was a nice change from the usual artbooks they normally gave. However, the inflatable doll is completely useless to me. They should have came up with a bonus soundtrack CD or something.

Seems like these couple of months will be a good time for video game releases, I’ve already picked up some of them but there’s plenty more to come…


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