Gardens by the Bay Visit

Went to check out Gardens by the Bay at Bayfront this afternoon with my family. It’s a place that recently opened up to public few weeks ago.

The place is big and it’s free to explore, however, there’s two conservatories that will cost SGD$20 to enter. One is the “Flower Dome”, and the other is “Cloud Forest”.

Supertree Grove, there’s 12 of them and I heard they look really nice at night when they glow.

The OCBC Skyway, it cost SGD$5 just to go up. They should have made it free, but the view up there is really beautiful to pass on.

Here are some photos of the first conservatory, Flower Dome.

Different types of flowers and plants from all over the world are shown in the dome.

And finally the 2nd conservatory, Cloud Forest, which is arguably my favorite attraction in Gardens by the Bay. The area is really cooling and the man-made waterfall is quite amazing and a few stories high to explore.

I might come back to Gardens by the Bay again maybe in a few months time just to see if there’s anything new since there are still areas that are under construction.

Check out my Picasa album for more photos of Garden by the Bay.


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