Record of Agarest War I & II Heroines Visual Books

Got my package of 2 artbooks from FedEx after coming home from my night shift. Theses are visual books for the Record of Agarest War series. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on these after beating Agarest ZERO.

Here’s a few artworks from the Agarest 2 Heroines Visual Book.

Some of the arts are very spoilers heavy.

Luminous Prima is a music video in Agarest 2. The book does show all the 3 versions. The one below is from the 1st Generation, with only Fiona did the singing.

Stuffs like dialogues and CGs for the hotspring events, bath house and marriage artworks are also included.

The artbook also have a data guide for choices that affect the girls affection, weapon & other equipments data etc.

Next is the first artbook for the Agarest series, which included arts from the 1st game and ZERO.

I won’t be showing that many artworks from this artbook even though there are actually plenty of characters in the 1st game, as there are 5 generations and Agarest ZERO had 2.

Hirano Katsuyuki did the character designs for the Record of Agarest War series, which are one of his better works out there.


4 thoughts on “Record of Agarest War I & II Heroines Visual Books

    • Gameplay wise, I like 2 best as it reminds me of Cross Edge battle system. The sprites in Agarest 2 are also better looking. Followed by Agarest Zero then the first. First game is really slow imo, Zero fixed some of the flaws in the 1st game.

      Heroines, I like Zero and 2 equally. 1st game designs are pretty average but some are still nice.

      You can start Zero immediately because it’s a prequel to the first game. After beating zero, you get to play the first game in Zero in a mode call Digest mode that locks you to the true end.

      • Wow, cool, I didn’t know Zero contains the first game in some form. I think I’ll be getting that since I also fancy the oriental-looking girl in Zero. But I guess I should wait until I beat a few more games from my library first… ^^;

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