Chogokin RAcaseal Action Figure

Chogokin RAcaseal action figure by Bandai. She’s from Phantasy Star Online (PSO).

Bought her off AmiAmi since I can’t find her in Singapore. Figure is PVC made with some of her parts being die cast.

She’s probably now my favorite action figure due to extra amount of accessories included with the figure.

There’s a storage box where you can store extra parts and accessories into it with 2 weapon attachments on the outside for the 1H-saber and rifle.

The floating thing behind RAcaseal is a MAG. Not sure what’s the red box, I can’t remember.

Meseta, the game currency for Phantasy Star Online.

Another weapon, a Handgun.

Now the wings parts, best looking attachment for the figure.

More 1H-Saber poses.

Finally, here’s the rifle.

Figure also comes with a chatbox accessory where words and phrases can be paste onto it, however, it’s not shown in this post.


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