Senran Kagura Burst Cleared

… at least with the Serpent Academy side. Last two chapters were annoying due to under leveled and story felt shorter compared to the first game. Still halfway through the first story in this since data can’t be transferred from the prequel game cart.

Unlocked Homura’s guren version after beating the last chapter.

Also unlocked the 6th playable character in the Serpent Academy after clearing the new key stage in postgame.

She is Rin (Suzune) Sensei. Just looked at her absurd HP and ATK. Her moves are also very broken in-game.

At the same time, I’m also working on Danball Senki W final chapter on PSVita.


One thought on “Senran Kagura Burst Cleared

  1. I still haven’t beaten the first game, lol. Too repetitive for me. Then since this game contains the first game, I lost my drive to continue even further. Now I’m unsure if I should buy this. But the characters you showed look cool :)

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