Game Loots (January 2013)

I haven’t been keeping up with my blog since the start of a new year. So here’s just an update of the games I’ve gotten last month.


Ni no Kuni – I’m already near endgame with around 35 hours clocked in. Just a bit of grinding to prepare myself for the final dungeon.


Under Defeat HD – It’s a shmup game released in last December but finding a Region 1 copy is kinda hard so I had it shipped from Amazon. Already completed the game, it’s not long anyway.


Anarchy Reigns – I’m only halfway through my first playthrough. It’s a low budget game by Platinum Games, however, it’s not a bad game since I did enjoy the gameplay.

I’m also keeping myself busy with Samurai & Dragons, it’s a free online game released on PSVita just recently but it’s only for Asia territories at the moment.


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