Finally completed Senran Kagura SHINOVI VERSUS.
Decided to grab the platinum trophy since it wasn’t too hard.



After clearing all 3 academies + Homura’s team missions, there will be one final battle between Asuka and Homura. Depending on who you picked, the music will be the opening theme from either the 1st or 2nd 3DS Senran Kagura games. The battle is a little hard but anywhere above Lv.37 should be doable.


Yozakura, my new favorite character from this game.




Maxing out the “Senran”, “Yang” and “Yin” modes took me quite awhile.

Unlike the previous 2 games, “Senran” mode is now the default mode. It used to be a hidden mode until “Yang” or “Yin” modes were maxed out.


Heard somewhere that the hidden playable characters from the last 2 games, Daidouji senpai and Suzune will be released as DLCs in the future…

I will now have a break while waiting for Tales of Hearts R, which will be releasing this coming Thursday.


4 thoughts on “SHINOVI VERSUS Platinum’ed

      • I see, lol. Gotta say though, I’m beginning to dig the story. I’m at the last chapter of Yumi’s school story, and the conversations surrounding the fights are nice (especially Minori and Hibari, which setup has been carefully crafted since Chapter 2).

        Which do you think is the most powerful character gameplay wise btw? It looks to me to be either Ikaruga or Ryona (I haven’t unlocked Homura’s team yet ^^;).

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