Fire Emblem Awakening Original Soundtrack


Bought this beautiful soundtrack from CDJapan. Had it delivered to my house yesterday but didn’t had time to open it to enjoy the music since I had work.

The OST has a Lucina artwork as the box cover. She’s really popular as she was also featured on the Fire Emblem Awakening artbook cover page.



Aside from the CDs tracklist, there’s more Lucina artworks in the CD booklet.



5 CDs worth. They resemble the gems of the Fire Emblem in the game.


93 tracks total from Disc 1 to 4. Disc 5 is Data CD, consisting voice-over and sound effects collection, HD opening video with extra sound effects and a piano score of a track known as “Marth”.

Currently listening to the OST while writing this post, noticed there’s no tags for the tracks, maybe I’ll download the album with tags on them when they’re up…


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