Meruru no Atelier Plus – Progress


Been playing Meruru no Atelier Plus for these few days. Nearing the end of my 2nd playthrough.

Finally able to clear Forest of Ent in this playthrough. I still sucks at making better armors for my characters though.



Working on some friendship events as well.




Also get to enjoy some BGMs from the A15 (Atelier Escha and Logy) BGM Pack.


There’s several changes made for the Plus version, such as a new ending and stuffs. But most notable is the DPs (Development Points) required to rank up certain kingdom ranks, it’s higher than the PS3 version which makes things slightly more difficult now.

(6th June 2013) EDIT: There’s a patch update several weeks ago which fixed a bug that prevents people from getting the trophies after defeating Makina Domain’s bosses. The patch also changed the DPs need to rank up back to the same as the PS3 version.


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