Soul Sacrifice – 1st DLC Pack


Asia PSN store finally updated Soul Sacrifice’s 1st batch of DLCs for the English version after being 3 weeks late. The US region is probably having their 3rd batch of DLCs released by now.

I had just tried out the both DLCs not long ago. One of them introduced a new black rite, Berserker, which do a vacuum hack-a-like attack that sucks everything, including other players and deal damages to the enemies.


The other DLC basically adds 2 new bosses.



Dullahan, the 9* pact of him is slightly more annoying since life will keep decreasing throughout the entire pact but the regenesis seeds L are definitely worth farming for divine blood players.



The next boss, Behemoth… I cannot understand how is Behemoth a giant moving tree.

Ended up going throughout their pacts several times since their essences will also unlocked new sigils. Not too sure how long more will I continue playing this game though since there are still a couple more batches of DLC releases.


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