Soul Sacrifice – 2nd DLC Pack


The haze in Singapore is pretty bad these days… After waking up from a nap this evening, I saw Soul Sacrifice’s 2nd set of bosses for R3 English version are ready for download.



“Dwarves”, so it’s 3 dwarves actually, stacking up on each others, is one of the 2 new bosses for this DLC. Interesting boss and they have many parts to be break.



The other boss is an Ogre, the design is very similar to Minotaur, has plenty of heat based attack. The 9* pact of Ogre is like Dullahan 9* pact, life will keep decreasing throughout the pact. The Ogre’s essences also unlocks Drubbing Sigil III, which is quite good for neutral or full divine builds as it increases 50% (and additional 40% more if neutral build) on force magic.


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