Muramasa Rebirth – Progress


Been playing Muramasa Rebirth for quite abit and the gameplay totally reminds me how much I enjoyed Odin Sphere but even way better. Vanillaware really did a good job on this one.

The game has 2 playable characters, Momohime and Kisuke.



The choice is very obvious, I went with Momohime’s story first.



The game is very linear, going from point to point, watch a cutscene, fight a boss and move to next point and do the same thing again.


One thing I like about the game are the backgrounds, they look really gorgeous.


And I did completed Momohime’s story in around 4 hours time. The acts are a little short but there seems to be a lot more stuffs to do after beating the game.

However, I will be playing Kisuke’s story next because I gonna to try nailing his story in under 3 hours for a trophy before doing postgame contents.


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