Phantom Breaker: Extra


Finally received my game today. Phantom Breaker: Extra, which is the updated version of Phantom Breaker with 4 new characters.


The limited edition of Phantom Breaker: Extra comes with a guide book and OST. The guide book is rather useful since it contains details about the bonus attributes for each fighting styles for all the characters and some game mechanics.


Having played the game for awhile and I have to say, it’s a really average fighting game. There are many unnecessary game mechanics which makes the gameplay very confusing.

Additionally, when selecting a character, 3 fighting styles were given as an option. “Quick”, “Hard” and “Extra” style. I believe the “Extra” style was only implemented into this version.

I’ve beaten arcade mode but have yet to complete the situation battle mode. I also tried online ranked matches and from what I see, it’s gonna be a really low profile game since it’s the same 10-20 people I saw while playing online so far.


6 thoughts on “Phantom Breaker: Extra

  1. Maybe I’m just bias fan but can you explain to me how they have unnecessary mechanics?
    While player doesn’t need incorporate every tool they have. I see no mechanics that is too strong or too weak.

    Personally at game play core, I think PBE does its job well, everything else i may agree on.

    • I don’t see the need of auto guard, then again, I remember having this was the Tekken series. Nullify Attack by pressing forward right before getting hits, which I might prefer more by pressing backwards instead.

      Also rather annoyed by the counterbalance, clashing etc. being kinda frequent and accident emergency mode.

      • I see well I can appreciate the Autogaurd as trying to guard when possible to be attack from all side is can prove difficult. Ah3 has this thing going on which make playign any ground game difficult. Also the nullify attack being forward keep it from being risk free. While they could have done it differently this method does’t seem harmful. Have you played Asuka120% burning festival? counter balance was primary feature and considering some of the development team is now with 5pq. Counter balance is pretty much rock paper scissors so if not into that stuff than I can understand your feelings.

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