Symphonia: Unisonant Pack, FFF, Pokemon Y, RF4

October has been deadly for me. Too many games coming out at once. Apart from the Tales of Symphonia: Unisonant Pack Lalabit Market limited edition which I already paid online several months ago, I kinda overspent a little on some other games that came out this month.


I gotta admit, the Lalabit Market LE boxart designed by UFotable looks very awesome.




I did bought a regular copy of game too.


The LE includes a novel and the Chibi Kyun character figure set.


I played Symphonia a little and managed to beat the 1st Sword Dancer before putting the game on hold. The game also load up Xillia, Xillia2, Graces f and Vesperia savedata for a set of costumes when I first started it.

Next game I bought was Fairy Fencer f. I didn’t intend to buy it until I saw the actual thing came into the store I’m working at so I couldn’t resist…


Comes with an artbook, secret date CD, clear card set and a novel.



I might try the game out some other time if I have more free time.

As for handheld games, I bought Rune Factory 4 and Pokemon Y.


Thanks to Pokemon Y, I put all other games I’m playing on hold. Already beaten Elite 4 and clocked in nearly 50 hours of playtime.


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