Bravely Default: For the Sequel, Bravely Default Design Works


No doubt, Bravely Default is easily one of my favorite RPG on 3DS.

Transferred my save from Flying Fairy to For the Sequel with most of my stuffs brought over, except for the villagers used for building Norende village and playtime were lost. Also thanks to the new enhancements such as 4x speed up in battle and encounter rate adjustment, I’m currently speeding through the first few chapters. The Japanese version of the re-release of Bravely Default also supports English subtitles and dual audio.

I also bought the artbook of Bravely Default which was released together with Bravely Default: For the Sequel. Here’s a few samples, SPOILERS Beware.


Containing old and new artworks of Flying Fairy and For the Sequel.





Artwork of the characters holding the SP drink and amazing sketch on the right.



Arts of Bravely Default’s online game, Praying Brage are also included.




It’s a great book covering plenty of contents, including all the asterisks (jobs), weapons, dungeon designs and other stuffs which are not shown here… and now, time for me to get back to my game.


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