2013’s Throwback


So 2013 is coming to an end so here’s a short post about it.

Finally completed my 2 years of National Service in June back then and I’m glad some friends I met during my life as a Police are still in contact with me.


About 2 weeks after that, I went to Japan for the first time with my family. It wasn’t a very long trip but the experience there were great. Definitely can’t wait for my next trip in the near future.


Mid-July, I started working at a local game retailer. While working several months there already, I get to know people that shares quite a number of common interests with me. In October, when Pokemon X & Y was released, that day was the busiest for some of us. I still can’t forget the amount of stocks and people that were there at the same time but still, we were able to manage it through.

Then comes November onwards, due to various reasons or whatsoever, some of these people I’ve been working with has begin to left the job one by one and moved on…


Backlog of games is the main issue I’m always having since I got no time for most of my games these days. Eventually, I’ll try to make time to start those games that I have yet to play. And sorry for the photo below, it was a rushed shot because it’s going to be 3AM now and I have to work later morning as well.


So 2013, not a bad year for me. Entering 2014 soon.

Happy New Year!


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