Bravely Default Collector Edition

Picked up Bravely Default again. It’s the 3rd time I bought this game. This is the collector edition of the US version and it’s look good enough not to pass it.


Here’s the side and back of the box.



Inside of this edition includes the game, mini soundtrack CD, AR cards pack and an artbook.


mini soundtrack cover has a nice Agnes artwork but don’t expect much from this CD as it only consists 10 tracks.


AR cards for the game, it’s packed altogether in a poker card sized box.


I browsed through the artbook and I think it’s a nice booklet that contains a fair amount of artwork.


However, if you’re really interested in Bravely Default artwork, it’s best to purchase the Design Works somewhere as it contains so much more details, it will worth every penny.


Lastly, here’s the US version of the game placed together with the 1st release of the Japanese Bravely Default. It used the same Airy artwork but would been better if the copy in the collector edition was given the black packaging like the Japanese version.

So that’s about it for the Collector Edition of Bravely Default.


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