Ar nosurge


It’s been awhile since I did another post. Finally got my Ar nosurge stuffs.



Ar nosurge AGENT Pack seems big and heavy but it only includes the game and a music box.


The music box does pack some weight in it but it seems small. The top cover is based on the boxart of the AGENT pack.


Also got 2 badges from ordering from CDJapan. They got Ion and Cas arts printed on them.



I ended up buying the music CDs of Ar nosurge as well. GUST did uploaded a preview of the Genometric Concert albums awhile back before the game release and I thought some of the hymns music were great.



Ar nosurge Genometric Concert BOX set got both red and blue side CDs in it but they can be bought separately too.



I am quite fond of this particular track “Class::XIO_PROCEED;” from Ar nosurge Genometric Concert side. Blue ~Tokikagura~ CD.


Have yet to open up the original soundtrack as I was hoping someone will do a rip soon.


Will be starting the game by these few days and last but not least, I hope it rains soon. Weather has been really hot in my country for the past few weeks..


2 thoughts on “Ar nosurge

  1. Nice stuffs! I was thinking to get this game but I digressed because I have so many RPG backlogs and I haven’t even beaten Ciel nosurge yet. But I gotta say the idea of characters from a communications game turning into RPG characters is pretty neat ^^

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